The Doctor in the Tardis Doesn't Know

Connor | 25

Annddddd happy happy videos today
in my head way too far

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Oculus ~ Behnd the Scenes [x]

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karen gillan  


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Too much time in waiting rooms really can give you a reason to wonder what matters most. My leg keeps getting better but my back will be forever. So yes, thank you for liking my stuff. It always make me sit a bit taller.

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fargo it by me to stay around

gonna go stare at the soft hands

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Looks like there’s another movie from the Once director. Begin Again has Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo and moreeee as music artists in New York. July 4th is the release. Probably going to see it.

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o m g

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Why can’t I have a slice of that pie?

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ob - good

got - good

hop - not worst thing ever but close

ten commandments #7 - yep

stardust was on - fuck yes

cosmos - idk yet

rick and morty - done

rick and steve - just look it up

archer - tonight

who framed roger rabbit - tonight

me - salad

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